Step-by-Step Stickers: At the Zoo

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Sticker playful scenes with your favorite animals in At the Zoo. Each page advances your child’s motor control skills slowly so he or she always has fun and never gets frustrated.

8 ½ × 11. paperback. 40 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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Sticker playful scenes with your favorite animals in At the Zoo. Each page advances your child’s motor control skills slowly so he or she always has fun and never gets frustrated.

8 ½ × 11. paperback. 40 pages. full color. US $7.95 / C $8.95

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Step-by-Step Stickers



35 reviews for Step-by-Step Stickers: At the Zoo

  1. Mrs. Farmer Nick

    Great resource for beginning preschoolKumon’s Step-by-Step Stickers: At the Zoo is a wonderful beginners workbook for toddlers that are just getting ready for preschool. It helps children learn to follow directions with simple, yet fun activities. Each page is colorfully illustrated and the child is given an average of three stickers for each page/activity. I bought this workbook for my son, who is two and a half, to start with. I really wasn’t sure if he was ready to hold still long enough or follow directions well enough to do this, but he had a blast! Each activity was so fun that he didn’t have any problem holding still long enough to place his stickers. We then made up a story to go with the picture and we both enjoyed ourselves. He was so proud to have done “school work” like his big brother that he had to show everyone his hard work. I will definitely be buying more workbooks from Kumon in the future and would recommend this product to any parent of a small child. Even our 8 year old said it looked like fun!

  2. Lindsay H

    Awesome toddler workbook that isnt drawing basedI LOVE this book. My son has Down syndrome and can’t color very well, but he can do stickers if I peel them off! This book lets him focus on the content of the page rather than on the drawing part which is so physically and mentally demanding for him. It is nice to be able to separate that out and focus on it another time. I think any toddler would have fun with this but I especially recommend it for kids who can’t draw or refuse to or who just really love stickers! I will definitely be buying the other one like this too and hope they make lots more!

  3. Are Elssie En

    So much fun and educational for parent and child to do togetherMy MIL got this for my son and he loved it so much I ordered one more and he still loved it. We went through the whole book in one sitting and he still asks about the stickers. He got much better at placing stickers and this is a wonderful activity to get your child talking especially if they love animals.I may have to get another book and take the time to pull pages out of the book so the book will last us a while longer. I just wish the pages were easier to take out! Even if I didn’t take out the pages, we found it kind of annoying to keep the book flat when we got farther into it.

  4. Lene M.

    Super fun sticker book for toddlers 2+My daughter (27 months old) loves Kumon Sticker books for age 2+ best of all! They are fun, with bright pictures, educative as well. Good quality paper and stickers (not reusable though). She loved these stocker books so much, does them in only 3-4 goes

  5. Rami Yampolsky

    Great bookMy 2.3 old loved this book, she finished the whole book in 3 session and would have done it faster, but I paced her. There is one more book in the series and I wish they had more. I wasn’t able to find any other sticker activity book that it as smartly designed, educational and fun.Every several pages there is a step up in difficulty, but it is a very small step and the book is very age appropriate.

  6. Ron S.

    Easy and fun for toddlerMy son loved this book! I didn’t know if he would be into it but he gets really excited when it’s time to do his “homework” with these books and I love that the book comes with a completion certificate! I also like the progression from easy to challenging of where you place the stickers, would reorder in the future and definitely recommend!

  7. Whitney

    Love these books!!!My two year old loves these books! We home school our children and I am always looking for ways to keep her entertained while I am doing classes with the older kids.She loves doing these. She will sit quietly next to me while I am doing their lessons and use her “geegrr” book. The only problem we have run into is that she likes to do the whole book in one day!Highly recommended.

  8. Carrie

    Great educational funI love these books. They help teach hand eye coordination while the kids get to play with stickers. They start off easy to make sure the kids don’t get frustrated too fast. They also have some pages where the kids can just create a picture. Its fun to watch the progress of the kids from the beginning of the book to the end. You can actually see improvement in one book.

  9. ABC

    Love it!This is perfect for our little toddler. She loves the stickers, and the pages are nice and thick. The stickers are very durable. They are not so sticky you can’t unstick them from themselves but they are plenty sticky enough to stick to the page. The activities at the front of the book are pretty much “get the sticker on the page” type, but progress in difficulty. Be aware this is designed for an adult to help the child with the activities, you don’t just hand them the book.

  10. missk

    2 Year old enjoys this bookI love the kumon books. My daughter enjoys it too and the stickers are easy to peel.

  11. Talvez

    My 2 year old loved this so much that she finished doing the entire …My 2 year old loved this so much that she finished doing the entire activity book in one sitting. I wish Kumon came up with more activity books like this one.

  12. DHWAustin

    Perfect for 2 yr old fingers!This was perfect for my 2 yr old grandson! We sat together and read through a few pages and he got to count and place stickers that were easy for him to peel off by himself. He loved it and didn’t want to stop!

  13. Ken & Kristina B

    Variety of activities to do!Fun learning activities my 3 year old enjoyed!

  14. Amazon Customer

    We love all the Kumon workbooks and love these sticker booksWe love all the Kumon workbooks and love these sticker books. It gives my kindergarten kids something to work on and their dexterity while I work with my older kid.

  15. Pregnant in December

    please make more like these! We need greater varietyBought this one and “trained and planes” twice already. My 2-yo loves them. Will probably buy again.To the publisher: please make more like these! We need greater variety.

  16. Marie

    A must haveA must have for a toddler!

  17. Kevin Dean

    Kumon sticker books are greatThese Kumon sticker books are great for my 2 year old. It keeps her actively engaged for a while. It take a little guidance from a parent to match the proper sticker pages with the activity pages.

  18. Irina Dizik

    Easy tasks are right for thisPrecious time with your child! Very colorful and interteining stickers. Easy tasks are right for this age

  19. Miller

    Fun2-1/2 year old daughter loves everything cutting and sticking! Whether it’s stickers or using a glue stick. You can’t go wrong.

  20. LuvNationalParks

    Great activity at a restaurantPerfect activity for my 3.5 year old boy while we were at a restaurant and waiting for lunch. He enjoyed creating the animal scenes. And even shared some pages with his friend.

  21. IEB

    Fun Fine Motor ActivityFun fine motor activity. Great occupational therapy supplement at home.

  22. Ruby

    Great learning tool!I love these sticker books! My almost three-year-old grandson and I have many hours of fun doing them!

  23. Anastasia Goygova

    Five StarsMy daughter loves stickers. I wish it had more pages and more books

  24. Zoey

    Five StarsMy son cannot get enough, he loves this book.

  25. Beverly0633

    Four StarsLike it.

  26. Amazon Customer

    Three StarsToo easy for a 3 year old.

  27. Laurence Brody

    Three StarsVery helpful to children’s dexterity skills.

  28. heatherb

    Love these!My 2 and half year old LOVES doing these. He has gotten so good at placement. I continue to buy these for him. He gets so excited to do a sticker craft.

  29. pmk618

    We like itIts very well made. Colorful and good quality paper. But I wish there were more pages.

  30. Michelle Victorio

    Great activityPerfect to keep your toddler busy anywhere!

  31. ally

    So much fun for a toddler!My 2-year-old LOVED this book and had so much fun. He also went from not being able to peel the stickers to being a stickering machine (my whole house is now covered in stickers), which is the point. A great book, especy if you have older kids doing workbooks and your little one feels left out.

  32. laura

    Iniciacion q formas geometricasPerfecto para empezar a conocer formas geometricas y desarrolar motricidad fina, aunque a mi hijo le gusto mas la otra version, la de los vehiculos

  33. ainhoa luloaga

    2 añosMuy bonito y adecuado para niño de 2 años

  34. Amazon Customer

    Stickers funGood book for kids, who like stickers and for children of 2 years and up to 3, may be too easy for older kids. Pictures are nice and a lot of shapes stickers.

  35. Emily Chen

    Fun while practising fine motor skillsSo fun to do, my 2.5 yr old boy loves it. He did the entire book in one sitting.

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